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Team Fortress 2
Discutii privind jocul Team Fortress 2 (TF2), in special despre serverele gazduite de RamBase.

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Old 18-04-2013, 21:43   #1
Negative Reality Member
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Default Steam Pipe, Yay!

The official release of SteamPipe will arrive on 30th of April (Valve time). As pub player you might not care too much, but as competitive player you might want to make sure you are ready for transition because if your TF2 is customized a bit more than simple addition of chris’es config, then you might lose some of the “stuff” when transition happens. If you don’t want to read too much, just scroll to bottom Q/A part, I will go in more detailed steps in following thread. So here are few things to know:

* Backup ALL configs. Just doing simple copy paste to your /cfg folder will do, save it on desktop or anything really, as long as its copied somewhere NOT inside /team fortress 2/ folder. I don’t know if this is bug atm, but some configs get deleted when going SteamPipe, so atm I’d advise to better be safe than sorry and just making sure you don’t lose your loved duckjump scripts.

* Backup your HUD’s, especially if custom made. Although they do get moved to /tf/download/ location, backing them up will save time for you trying to search them!

What about maps/materials/sounds/etc? When transition happens they will be moved to /download/* folder. This is your new location for files downloaded from server. But this is not where you put your config or hud! Also if you wish local host server with custom maps or play in pub with custom models, you will need to make copy of these files in /custom/custom_dir/ folder. Keep reading!

After your TF2 will be transformed into SteamPipe, your new folder for everything custom is ../steam/steamapps/common/Team Fortress 2/tf/custom/ Anything you want added needs to go in /custom/custom_dir/*. I will show how:

* Reinstalling configs: To keep it simple, you want to make another folder inside /custom/ for your custom things to load, so I created /custom/userstuff/. You CAN then dump any huds, configs and all the stuff you had in /custom/userstuff/ or you CAN keep it dapper and use the VPK tool if you are nerdy, but I wont go into it, the info how is in link on bottom.

So to reinstall my backed up /cfg/ I ended up making my file structure look something like this: /tf/custom/userstuff/cfg/spy.cfg

* Reinstalling HUD’s: Same thing as with cfg – make custom folder under /custom/ It can be the same /userstuff/ as for your cfg, or you can simply make /hud/ folder under /custom/. So /custom/userstuff/* and /custom/hud/* are both acceptable. The final file structure for me looks like /tf/custom/userstuff/resource/clientscheme.res

* Reinstalling plugins: looks like they still are in /tf/addons so no change there, you shouldnt even need to touch them as they are auto moved. Most popular plugins work, however PREC seems to be broken at the moment.

* Installing custom maps for local hosting or custom content to play on sv_pure 0 (like models): Same as previous – Put everything in /custom/mystuff/. So it might look like /custom/mystuff/maps/mge_v8.bsp or /custom/mystuff/materials/naked_models.vmt
You can local host maps that are in /download/ location if you type map mapname in console, but the names wont come up from GUI main menu. Any custom models need to be in /custom/mystuff/ folder though for them to work!

Also this [Link] is an official article about the change. Read it if you feel nerdy…

Q: I transitioned to SteamPipe, Where are my files?!
A: New TF2 folder is under /steam/steamapps/common/Team Fortress 2/tf and old custom files can be found under /download/ and your config is still under /cfg/ Some class configs probably got deleted..

Q: Where do I put my configs/huds/etc?
A: /tf/custom/mystuff/* example: /custom/mystuff/cfg/autoexec.cfg

Q: Have loading times improved?
A: Yes, noticeably, on any system.

Q: Can I install TF2 on different drive(SSD?) than Steam is on atm for ultimate speedyness?
A: Yes, just reinstall TF2, upon pressing install steam will give you choice where to install it!

Q: PREC doesn’t work?
A: Yes, looks like it doesn’t Other plugins however seem fine.

Q: What about validation problems?
A: This update is addressed to fix this problem. So fingers crossed and we hopefully wont see it anymore!

Hope it helps, pew pew!
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Old 18-04-2013, 22:07   #2
Team Fortress 2
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De notat ca, daca va mutati pe SteamPipe de acum, nu va puteti juca pe majoritatea serverelor.

Nu e bine sa stranuti cand esti medic. Daca stranuti cand esti medic, nu dai uberul cand trebuie.
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Old 18-04-2013, 22:10   #3
Negative Reality Member
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Yea, do not do this.

Right click on Team Fortress 2 in the list, Properties, Beta tab, select “steampipe -”.
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Team Fortress 2
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Deci asta era cu updateul ala mare de mi l-a facut. Interesant. Sa inteleg ca trebuie sa se faca un update la servere odata cu lansarea steampipe?

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Old 19-04-2013, 12:17   #5
R@m Artist
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Vad ca la updateul asta s-a modificat si sandman-ul. Desi nu am vazut sa zica ceva in news. Are o viteza mult mai mare.
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Old 19-04-2013, 14:46   #6
sa ploua si sa tune!
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Also, this.
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Old 19-04-2013, 16:57   #7
Negative Reality Member
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Update-ul de dimineață nu a avut legătură cu steampipe-ul.

Cât despre servere, nu am habar.
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Team Fortress 2 ex. d0vada
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De dimineata mi-am activat Steam Pipe pe contul secundar, pe linux. Viteza incarcarii jocului si a hartilor este mult mai mare decat cea din-nainte, jocul fiind rulat aproape instant. In pozele atasate se vede noua structura. In dosarul custom, se afla un readme.txt :

This folder is automatically scanned when the game boots for VPK files or
subfolders.  Each subfolder or VPK is added as a search path, so the files
inside those VPK's or subfolders will overide the default game files.

See gameinfo.txt for more details.

For example, you might have the following file structure:

	tf/custom/my_custom_stuff/   <<< This subfolder will be added as a search path
	tf/custom/some_mod.vpk       <<< This VPK will be added as a search path
	tf/custom/another_mod.vpk    <<< This VPK will be added as a search path

Mounting a VPK to the filesystem is more efficient that adding a subfolder,
because each time the engine neds to open a file, it will need to make a call to the
operating system call to search the folder.  VPKs can be searched by the engine much
more efficiently.  Each subfolder is a new search path that must be checked each
time the engine tries to open a file.  So for optimal load times, always use VPK files
and don't make any subfolders in this folder!

Note that the following directory structure is NOT correct:


That will add the directory "tf/custom/models" as a search path, in which case the
file my_model.mdl actually exists at the root of the game's virtual filesystem.
Sfat, backup la cfg-uri si la custom hud-uri. Cred ca degeaba se aplica asa cum sunt dupa update, structura lor trebuind a fi modificata.

deceased. rip in peace.
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Old 24-04-2013, 20:35   #9
Team Fortress 2 ex. d0vada
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Posts: 261

We've released an update to the SteamPipe beta. It is now compatible with the regular game.

Now everybody can play together and admire each other's headgear. Both SteamPipe and non-SteamPipe clients can connect to SteamPipe and non-SteamPipe servers.

We are planning to convert all clients to SteamPipe next Tuesday. If you opt in to the beta before then, you will be one step ahead of everybody else. You'll be able to take advantage of the faster boot and load times. If you are experiencing the bug where Steam wants to validate your files every time the game boots, opting in to the beta should make that problem go away.

Although we don't expect that anyone will have an urgent need to opt back out, I would like to point out that if you do need to opt out, the process is very painful. You will need to redownload the entire game, and also move any custom files back to the original installation folder.
Sursa : http://forums.steampowered.com/forum....php?t=3113531

deceased. rip in peace.
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Old 18-06-2014, 22:45   #10
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" De notat ca, daca va mutati pe SteamPipe de acum, nu va puteti juca pe majoritatea serverelor. "

de ce nu?
imi plac mult de tot acele jocuri noi pentru copii cu masini sau de poker unde poti sa castigi bani multi, ce ne place noua baietilor, si ne mai plac si jocurile de fotbal de la campionatul mondial sau eurpean, jocuri cu david beckham sau ronaldo, idolul meu, ssuper tare omul. e smecher si messi, dar parca nu ca portughezul. a si mai imi plac si jocurile cu avioane alea de razboi sau in care distrugi nave, am pilotat o data mai demult un f16 american, zici ca era un simulator pe bune
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Old 18-06-2014, 23:37   #11
Hold on. I'm buffering...
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Pentru că asta se întampla acum mai bine de un an, când era beta. Acum aşa este peste tot.
Bun venit pe forum, încearcă să nu mai faci necropost.
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